Covid-19 Questions and answers

Which limitations are there on what I can do in an analysis quarantine 
In an analysis quarantine the same rules apply as in a normal quarantine, with the exception that one person per household can go out to gather necessaries, which is not allowed in a normal quarantine. Those that have been put in a normal quarantine are to follow all the rules. So, you can go out for a walk, air the dog, take the kids out to play, attend animals etc. If you do so you need to follow the general hygienic rules, and don't approach other individuals closer than two (2) meters. Further information for the public can be found here - 
Can I visit friends and family?
No, you can not visit other homes. Children in joint custody are not allowed to move between the homes of their parents while the analysis quarantine is in place.
How long will this take?
This will take as long as necessary for analysing of possible infections. That means that the movement of infected people is detected and while new samples are being analysed. We can expect this to take a few days, but we can not say how many. We will lift this as soon as possible. 
Can I gather necessaries, or go for other reasons outside Húnaþing vestra?
No, the reason for the analysis quarantine and limitations of gatherings is to reduce propabilities that people spread the infection, both within the municipality and to other regions of Iceland.  If you need to leave for medical reasons you need to consult the health clinic before leaving. 
Can I go to work?
No, unless you work in an essential industry. At the workplace you have to remember that the ban of gathering prohibits more than five people to stay in the same room, in addition to all general hygienic rules (wash thoroughly, use sanitizer and the 2 m rule). People working alone are allowed to keep working, as long as they do not interact with others. 
I came as a visitor to Húnaþing Vestra, what should I do?
If you are gone home we ask you to go in to a self decided quarantine at home for 14 days. If you are still in the municipality you have to follow all the same rules as the inhabitants. 
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